Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Holiday Time!

Snip and Snap made their annual visit on Christmas Eve Eve.
You were so happy to open up a snuggle hedgehog whom you've
named Princess or Hedgie (it fluctuates often!)

Christmas Morning was full of fun. You had to pose
for a picture before I let you open any gifts!

This is one of my favorite shots. This year you got to
shop at the Santa's Secret Shop at Sarah's school (say that
ten times fast!) and were so excited to pick out special
gifts for everyone on your list. Here you are anxiously
awaiting Sarah's reaction to the peace sign necklace
you picked out for her. I love how excited you are to
see her reaction! You are such a sweetie!
(Sarah loved the necklace, by the way!)

Opening your presents with such determination...

You stopped to examine and try out each gift before moving
on to the next one! This is a Mickey Mouse "find the difference
book" that you just couldn't put down!

A few days later you had your friend Alexis come over to play.
She was in your preschool class last year but moved on to
Kindergarten this year. You little friends still love to get
together whenever you can! She ended up sleeping over
that night and stayed up late doing crafts, watching movies,
and eating yummy popcorn! So fun!

That same night Sarah had two of her friends sleep over. It was a PaRtY!
You girls giggled as you played the game Headbands and tried to guess
what the card said on your own forehead. It was so silly!

Ever the fashionista, you asked me to take a picture of the ensemble you
put together. You are always waking up early, brushing your teeth and hair,
picking out an outfit and getting yourself dressed before even heading
downstairs to see if we are awake. I love your initiative and adorable,
unique sense of style!

New Year's Eve!
Although you loved the horns, you were unable to make them make a sound
as your blew into them. You improvised and turned it into a flute.
It may not have made the right sound, but you sure made it work!

We Walton's just hung out at home for New Year's Eve, but that didn't
stop you girls from thinking that we needed a cake for our party!

You partied until the ball dropped and even toasted with some sparkling
red grape juice! You girls insisted in wearing pretty party dresses and
dancing the night away! Fake champagne or not, you were crazy!

New Year's Day.
Another great outfit and a snuggle
break with your pal Sophy.

First snow of the season! You and Sarah rushed out to
build snow forts and play husky dog! From there,
we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house to
sled down their huge hills! What a fun day!

A tired girl headed up to bed after a warm shower. Shortly after
I tucked you in, I noticed that Bronson headed up the steps. He
has found a new cozy spot where he likes to lay. Even though I
climbed up the creaky steps, he stayed by your side and did not follow
me down like he usually does. He sure does love you :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

October 29, 2011

You have a stuffed owl named Snowy. It originally belonged to Sarah, but somehow you took ownership. I believe it was about two years ago when Sarah got a new favorite stuffed animal, and so you got to snuggle Snowy. Since then, you and Snowy have been inseparable. Recently, we've had a few battles regarding Snowy. Let me share.

Every single night you have to sleep with Snowy. About a month ago, Snowy went missing! You seriously had Daddy and I hunting EVERYWHERE for this thing. We went about three days turning the house upside down. Then we headed out to the garage to search in the playroom, daddy's workroom and the kitchen. No Snowy. Reluctantly, you went to bed each of those nights without your favorite buddy. And then, as I was picking up the playroom, I came across a funny sight in your barbie house.

Can you spot Snowy??

A few days later, you can't find Snowy again. We try asking you to retrace your steps to find the hiding spot. You just can't remember. Daddy and I go on another Snowy hunt. No luck. Until the next day when you are getting ready for bed. A light bulb goes on and you instantly remember just where you hid Snowy.

That's right. Under the step stool in the bathroom.

And so life returned to normal. Until a week ago. Bedtime comes around and you are frantically searching for guess who...Snowy! Missing again! Daddy and I are at a loss at how you hide this thing and never remember where you put it. This time we just relax and assume that you'll eventually remember or we'll come across it sometime. Fast forward to this morning. I go into the cabinet to get black and orange nail polish for Sarah's halloween party. I did a quick double take...
Do you see what I see? AGH!

I call you over to me (you later tell me that you were scared that I was going to yell at you for not flushing the potty). As soon as you turn the corner, your eyes light up like it's Christmas morning and you've found the greatest gift in the world! Part of me is beginning to think you hide Snowy just so you can get super excited when you find her!! Regardless, I love the special relationship you have with Snowy and I love your silly quirks too! Now if you can just hold onto Snowy for longer than five minutes!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4, 2011

Never one to settle, my firecracker Molly insisted on black and white in her room. She fell in love with a polka dot bedspread and we went from there. We used chalkboard paint to paint dots on one wall. Molly wanted some to look like bubbles, so she didn't paint the insides. I was impressed with her decisiveness in how the room should look. Here are the not so perfect, yet loved by the one who matters, painted polka dots!

Next, Miss Molly demanded a striped chalkboard wall. She showed me how big to make the stripe and what the pattern should look like. Although I was nervous about how it would turn out, I'm loving the contrast of the stripes and dots! And Molly just loves that she can write on the black parts!

My message says "Molly Carolyn Mom loves you bunches!" Underneath, Molly carefully wrote the first initial of each family member along with a colored in heart (DBSMMB - Donny, Beckie, Sarah, Molly, Mister, Bronson). Although she forgot Bailey, she is the most thoughtful girl I know!
Next, We decorated the loft. Here is the beloved bedspread! Molly also decided she liked the blue striped curtain to hide her cozy spot. What you can't see is that she painted more chalkboard dots under the loft so she can draw underneath! We also found awesome blue sheer curtains that have silver spots on them!
Last but not least, I wanted a vinyl decal for the crisp white walls. Every day I am thankful for my baby girl and when I saw this quote, I knew it would be perfect! After losing a baby, I was terrified I would never have another child. I wished and wished for a healthy baby and I am so blessed to have gotten you! I hope that you always know how loved you are!
Enjoy your room are an amazing decorator! And all of my hard work paid off the minute you saw it and smiled! You said, "I LOVE IT!"

Not as much as I love you...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

June 25, 2011

Molly Turns 4!!!

We had a party at our house with some of her preschool friends. It was an old fashioned good time - water balloons, swing set, decorating cupcakes and presents! Molly had a blast and so did her pals. I can't even believe that she is 4!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Little Miss Molly has been a busy girl!

Here is a picture update!

We bought this awesome inflatable ball that the girls can climb into and run around the yard "hamster style." They just love this thing!

I was asked to help out at Safety Town this year, so as a bonus, the girls got to attend and participate. Although Sarah went last year, it's never a bad thing to hear about safety again! Not to mention that her best friend, Gracie was there to play with! Molly, on the other hand, was one of two 3 year olds there. She did a great job learning the songs, dances, and chants. She had so much fun and really liked having her big sister there to show her how Safety Town works.

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

This is how you came downstairs today. Complete with 3 Hello Kitty rings filled with "lick-spit," glasses that you found somewhere, and a nice warm sweater!

When I said I wanted to take your picture, you went straight to your favorite bench. I think you think it is the picture bench!

You are just TO darn cute my Molly!
I love you to pieces! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

Good golly miss Molly! I wanted to document something I heard today from you.

Today at preschool, a lady came to visit to talk with the children about Stranger Danger and Good Touches/Bad Touches. Although I had wanted to be there for the discussion, I was called into work, so I couldn't go. But you can bet that we talked when I got home! You did a great job of retaining some info and sharing what you talked about at school today. It was not a sex ed class, and you did not hear anything that I deemed inappropriate. I think that the more you hear about safety and how to handle situations, the better!
That being said, I decided to test you a bit. I gave a few sample situations to see what you would do. First, I said, "What if a lady you don't know comes to school and tells you that your Mommy wanted her to pick you up?" You quickly said that you would say, "No." Step one: Pass!
Next, I said, "What if you were playing outside in the front yard and someone drives up to you and says they know where Mister is? If they say, 'Get in the car and I'll show you!' Molly, what would you do?"

Here is where you got a big smile and said, "SURE!" Step two: FAIL!

This just gave us another opportunity to discuss what to do and how she should ALWAYS come and get Mommy or Daddy before going anywhere.

Gotta admit, I'm glad she is repeating preschool again next year...maybe she'll retain more the second time around!

P.S. I don't blame her for wanting to jump at the chance to get her dog back!